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2023: UK: Youth Unemployment and Cybercrime in Nigeria

Obianagwa, Christopher Ewuzie; Ngoka Ruth Obioma; Gift, Uwaechia Onyinye; Hayford, Ezugwu Ikechukwu; Okpala Joy Chinaza; et al.  African Renaissance; London. United Kingdom Vol. 20, Iss. 2, (Jun 2023): 177–199. DOI:10.31920/2516-5305/2023/20n2a9

Abstract: "Nigeria is presently experiencing a high level of youth unemployment, and the

effects have contributed to an alarming rate of cybercrimes in the country.

Making use of mixed data, the study investigated the interactive effects of

endemic youth unemployment on cybercrime in Nigeria. The study adopted

both Ex-post facto and Time series research designs which helped to track

events bordering on the key variables of this study (youth unemployment and

cybercrime) in retrospect and as they happen. The youth bulge theory was

adopted, while the data collected through mixed data method were analyzed

qualitatively. The study found that entrenched youth unemployment largely

contributed to the upsurge of cybercrimes by the youth in Nigeria. It

recommended that the Nigerian government should make policies that

promote the growth of private sector in order to create jobs for the teeming

youth as well as ensure positive use of exceptional intelligence of the youth

about the cyberspace."

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