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2022: IN: Investigating Online Dating Fraud: An Extensive Review and Analysis

Bharne, S., & Bhaladhare, P.R. (2022). Investigating Online Dating Fraud: An Extensive Review and Analysis. 2022 International Conference on Recent Trends in Microelectronics, Automation, Computing and Communications Systems (ICMACC), 141-147.


Abstract: "The growth of the online social networking (OSN) platform has been huge in recent decades. Apart from OSN platforms, online dating websites are gaining attention day by day. People can now meet their potential life partners more easily due to the rise of online dating platforms. However, it has made it easier for fraudsters to take advantage of this growing market. Online social networking fraud ranges from spamming to human-targeted fraud, in which the fraudsters build fake relationships with the victims and demand money. This paper provides an extensive review of online dating fraud methodology, global impact on users, different dating site features, and recent statistics about the rise of online dating users and online dating fraud. In addition to this, we have analyzed fraud prevention methodologies, taxonomies of scam detection, and scammer detection techniques using machine learning. Finally, this survey discusses open research questions, challenges, and important online dating safety guidelines."

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