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2021: US: A Feminist Phenomenological Exploration: Young Adult Female Experiences of Self-Esteem, Self-Presentation, and Autonomy Creating an Online Dating Identity on Dating Applications

Nizami, Nazneen M.   Alliant International University ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2021. 28543052.

Abstract: "As technology continues to boost the digital age with exciting and riveting new social developments, online dating is at an all-time peak. This study uses semi-structured interviews with 20 women who use online dating applications aged 23 and 35 to explore aspects of their expectations and experiences using online dating apps and creating an online dating identity. Analyses reveal that women report both positive and adverse experiences, with themes such as autonomy to define self, pressure for perfectionism, and balancing authenticity and desirability. The participants described authentic self-presentation as creating an online dating identity that is reflective of their IRL identity. Whereas, desirability was described as attracting matches based on how one presents themselves. Since these two goals may not be congruent with each other, meaning if one’s authenticity on their profile negative impacts their perceived desirability or vice versa, this inherently poses a contradiction for women using the dating apps."

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