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Romance Scam Research Center

2021: SA: Hello Pretty, Hello Handsome!: Exploring the Menace of Online Dating and Romance Scam in Africa

August 2021

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-71024-8_4

In book: Crime, Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System in Africa, A Psycho-Criminological Perspective

Chiedu Eseadi, Chiedu Eseadi, Chiamaobi Samuel Ogbonna, Mkpoikanke Sunday Otu, Moses Ede

Abstract: "Online dating and romance scam represent a serious concern in criminal psychology following the increasing trends and innovations in information and communication technology. The evolution in technology has much anonymised interpersonal communication and provided scammers with several tools and opportunities for carrying out deceptive acts against potential victims. Some of the tools used by these scammers include web-based online dating services, hook-up applications, social media platforms and email services, among others. It is commonplace for online romance scams to begin with sweet phrases like ‘Hello Pretty, Hello Handsome’ and then progress to a regrettable stage where the victim realises that he/she has been duped. This chapter focuses on contemporary online dating and romance scam issues in Africa. The chapter discusses the concept of online dating and romance scam, outlines some platforms used for online dating and romance, X-rays the menace of online dating and romance scam, and some mental health challenges experienced by victims of online dating and romance scam. The chapter also pays attention to the tricks used by online romance scammers, strategies for curbing online dating and romance scam and recommendations for research and policy."

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