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2020: US: Criminals Work from Home during Pandemics Too: a Public Health Approach to Respond to Fraud and Crimes against those 50 and above

Payne, Brian K.

American journal of criminal justice, 2020, Vol.45 (4), p.563-577

ISSN: 1066-2316

ISSN: 1936-1351

EISSN: 1936-1351

DOI: 10.1007/s12103-020-09532-6

PMID: 32837151

Abstract: "This paper uses the public health framework to address the apparent impact of the

coronavirus on the victimization experiences with a specific focus given to those over

the age of 50. The bulk of attention is given to fraud victimization, with consideration

also given to parent abuse, partner violence, and patient abuse. A review of data from

the Federal Trade Commission shows that reports of most types of fraud grew

significantly in the first three months of 2020 in comparison to the same time period

in 2019. Differences between fraud experiences based on age are considered. Older

persons lost much more to fraud than younger persons, and far more in 2020 than 2019.

In addition, they reported being targeted more often for certain types of cybercrime

(i.e., tech support scams). While devastating to everyone, it is concluded that the

coronavirus will potentially have a more significant impact on the financial health of

older persons than younger persons. It is concluded that minimizing the consequences

of all forms of crimes targeting older adults will be best achieved by using a public

health approach."

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