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Romance Scam Research Center

2020: US: Building a National Elder Justice Movement, State by State

Anetzberger, Georgia J; Breckman, Risa; Caccamise, Paul L; Freeman, Iris C; Nerenberg, Lisa.  Generations Journal; San Francisco Vol. 44, Iss. 1, (Spring 2020): 111-116.

Abstract: "State elder justice coalitions emerged in the mid-1980s, partially due to a lack of federal government direction and support in addressing elder abuse. Their multidisciplinary memberships and broad missions enabled them to establish local action agendas to evolve public policy, programs, research, and education. In the absence of formalized contact between state coalitions, the National Network of State Elder Justice Coalitions was formed, initiated by five people who helped to found state coalitions. This coalition is dedicated to stopping elder abuse and promoting elder justice through shared information and collective action."

"The CEJC also has worked with its partners to expand APS training and to create a homelessness prevention pilot project. It collaborated with the California Office of Emergency Services (CALOES), which administers federal Victims of Crime Act and state victim funds, to develop twenty-five MDTs, legal services, case management, and trauma-informed counseling. New services created by CALOES include a support group for romance scam victims (at WISE & Healthy Aging in Los Angeles) to address the fear, shame, and isolation associated with scams, to mitigate the harm, and to build support networks. Expanded victim services help older crime victims navigate the complex justice system."

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