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2019: US: Military Service Members Targeted to Facilitate Romance Scams

Melton, Patricia.   Utica College ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2019. 22620324.

Abstract: "The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how romance scams that use stolen military service member’s identities, impact today’s society. The different types of romance scams which will be discussed are primarily ones that affect the readiness of the US Armed Forces: online dating (both within the continental United States and abroad) and sextortion. Romance scams awareness campaigns and legislation have not stopped the increase in the number of victims each year. Consequently, the importance to get ahead of the problem will also be discussed. Analysis of romance scam studies will show that people who are gullible tend to become victims of these types of scams. Current legislation is presented on what can be done to lessen the victims of military romance scams and how research into extradition of fraudsters did not yield any laws which were specific to romance scams; instead, the laws found were for crimes committed during the romance scam such as wire fraud. Recommendations to reduce identity theft within the military are laid out in efforts to reduce the total amount of romance scams and new legislation is proposed to prosecute the fraudsters, regardless of their geographical location."

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