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2019: NG: Yahoo-plus in Ibadan: Meaning, Characterization and Strategies

Akanle, Olayinka; Shadare, Babajide Richard.  International Journal of Cyber Criminology; Thirunelveli Vol. 13, Iss. 2, (Jul-Dec 2019): 343.

Abstract: "Cybercrime commonly known as yahoo in Nigeria, and some parts of Africa, is one of the most formidable financial and security problems confronting Nigeria and the world today. The problem has become so significant that international organisations- including the United Nations- and developed countries are investing millions of Dollars and researching into understanding its manifestations and dynamics. Of particular concern is that cybercrime is very dynamic. And in places like Nigeria, it has moved from yahoo yahoo to yahoo plus indicating a high level of advancement in criminal activities law enforcement agencies and victims are yet to comprehend. While many previous researches have done much on cybercrime, our data suggest there is a need for more research as cybercrime continues to transform and this transformative innovation have largely made it difficult for significant success to be made in curbing the crime. Although much has been written on cybercrime, more needed to be known about yahoo plus especially the roles of the meaning, characterization and strategies. The empirical bases of this article are in-depth interviews with 15 yahoo boys and 30 community members in Nigeria- Africa ⅝ most populous country and one of the poorest countries in the world."

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