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2015: US: Cybercrime prevention and law enforcement: a comparative analysis of Nigeria and the United States of America

Oludare, Alaba M.   Texas Southern University ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2015. 10100954.

Abstract: "The Cyberspace is one of the most important territories of any nation. Unlike land and sea which are simply delineable by physical boundaries, the cyber space is easily permeable thus difficult to secure. With the advent of globalization through technological advancement, there is an increased need for effective coordination and cooperation with other nations as well as promulgation and effective enforcement of laws to protect this very important territory of any nation. This study examines the definition, causes and costs of cybercrimes; the legal framework and challenges of investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes in Nigeria and the United States. The study utilized existing data, surveys and conference reports from different agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internet Crime Complaint Center, Police Executive Research Forum, Central Intelligence Agency; Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Bureau of Statistics and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to highlight the need for law enforcement agencies to evolve with new solutions for stemming cybercrimes. The results show that cybercrimes are defined to include several offences, and the definition attached to cybercrimes by a law enforcement agency affects its investigations. In the case of Nigeria, the legal framework for dealing with cybercrimes is found to be deficient while the United States of America has multiple state laws with inconsistent provisions. The recommendations include the provision of comprehensive laws and collaborations in each country."

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