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2011: US: Risk Factors Associated With Elder Abuse: The Importance of Differentiating by Type of Elder Maltreatment

Jackson, Shelly L; Hafemeister, Thomas L.  Violence and Victims; New York Vol. 26, Iss. 6, (2011): 738-57.

Abstract: "Elder abuse research rarely differentiates by the type of elder maltreatment involved when identifying risk factors. The purpose of this study was to compare risk factors across four predominant types of elder maltreatment (financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect by others, and hybrid financial exploitation [HFE]). Data were collected from two sources: interviews with victims of substantiated elder abuse, responding adult protective services (APS) caseworkers (N 5 71), and third-party informants; and a statewide database that contained all substantiated cases over a corresponding 2-year period (N 5 2,142). Using chi-square (interview data) and logistic regressions (Adult Services/Adult Protective Services [ASAPS] data), significant differences across the four types of elder maltreatment were found. These two datasets provide converging evidence for the importance of differentiating by type of maltreatment when identifying risk factors for elder maltreatment and for the importance of considering both the elderly victim and the abusive individual when predicting type of elder maltreatment."

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