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2008: US: Mitigating losses suffered by elders from financial scams

Beard, Ted.   California State University, Long Beach ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2008. 1463153.

Abstract: "The purpose of this study was to add to available information on reducing financial losses to schemes targeting the elderly. This was written within the framework of my belief and experience as a law enforcement investigator, specializing in financial crimes against the elderly, that education, intervention, and family support may lessen an elders' total victimization.

Research of the literature and interviews of professionals indicated developing a network of bank employees, law enforcement, healthcare, and social workers, working in a collaborative effort, may assist in mitigating financial losses through education and intervention. Surprisingly, the mitigating factor in reducing elderly victims' losses was not education, rather intervention.

Observations, interviews, and document review on issues relating to financial elder abuse were used to collect data. The results of this study present similarities among elderly victims, tactics used by suspects, and what may be done to lessen the victims total losses."

Notable Section:

"Case Study #1 Sweetheart Scam Victim 'Harold Allen'"

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