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2005: US: When online love goes wrong

Gertner, Reni.  Lawyer's Weekly USA; Boston (Oct 24, 2005): 1.

Abstract: "The online dating site and a number of safer dating interest groups are supporting state-level legislation aimed at reducing the dangers of online dating.

Under the bill, which is being considered in six states - California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Virginia - an online dating site would be required to either perform criminal background checks of its users or post a disclosure on its site indicating that it does not screen users. For websites that do screen users, the legislation would require them to state the limitations of background checks on the site.

Herb Vest, founder and CEO of, argued that it's still safer to perform background checks. But he agrees that if a firm touts that it does background checks, it would be wrong to say that without also disclosing the inherent fallibility of those checks."

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