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2002: UK: Violence against elderly people: A neglected problem

Nelson, Daniel.  The Lancet; London Vol. 360, Iss. 9339, (Oct 5, 2002): 1094. DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(02)11137-8

Abstract: "Information on the extent of elder abuse-- physical, sexual, and psychological-is scant. If, as Alex Kalache, coordinator of WHO's in and Life Course Unit, says, "We are today where we were 20 years ago on child abuse and violence against women", where are we with elder abuse? The few population-based studies that have been done suggest that 4-6% of elderly people have been abused in the home, but almost all research has been based in western countries. "There are no accurate figures for the developing world", says Kalache, "whatever anyone says is guesswork"."

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